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3S Educare Co is a learning and development organization providing assessment platform through its association with a world renowned assessment organization, Student engagement through Global Exposure and Enhancement Program (GEEP) and imparting behavioral and functional training solutions across education institutions and organizations.

Our commitment through our offerings in the form of value added services to academic institutions would help create a system of higher learning that makes it internationally competent, socially relevant and one which creates well rounded individuals. Our expertise in talent management and consulting services to organizations has helped us provide cost effective training which has helped organizations increase productivity through the power of their people.

With wide prowess in delivering learning and development solutions we at 3S are well placed to bridge the requirement of Knowledge professionals that will be required in the near future and equip them with competencies required to excel in complex, competitive , challenging professional environment.

Our 3S Approach

At 3S our philosophy is to customize programs based on the profile and the needs of our client which is based on the 3S approach.

Self Analysis

Accurate look at personal tendencies and behavior patterns .

Self Reflection

What if I did (this behavior) differently ? Would it make a difference in my job and in the lives of others? Would I have more personal fulfillment and satisfaction in my life.

Self Management

Altering the behavioral choices one makes to meet the conditions he or she faces.

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WG. CDR. S.P. Maini

was born on 11-09-1931 at Rangoon (Burma). He had his early education at Rangoon and college at Ludhiana. He was selected for Pilots training in Indian Air Force and was commissioned in Oct 1953. Indian Air Force he stood 1st in Dakota and Missiles conversion courses. During his Air Force tenure, he received 14 medals and commendation from Chief of the Air Staff. He commanded a Flying Squadron and was abjudged as an Ace pilot.

His squadron was honoured with the Flying Trophy to be the best Squadron in the Air Force. He took Prematured retirement in 1974.

In 1975, he joined Rotary and was president of Godhra club in 1983-84. In 1991-1992 he was District Governor of Rotary International District -3060. During his Governorship, he collected $50,000/- for Rotary foundation. Now he is consultant to the India National Polio Plus Society, New Delhi.

He took part in 1st Himalayan Car Rally in 1980 and stood 2nd in his category. He was awarded Castrol Trophy and cash award by Late Shrimati Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India.

Currently settled in Delhi, his company is marketing Packaging materials in N.C.R.

Lt col Akhil Sharma

Lt col Akhil Sharma , is an alumnus if the National defence academy , Indian military academy and the St Columba's school new Delhi . He has been associated with training and instructional roles in his career and has spent a good part his professional life training and imparting skills to young military leaders and others .

His expertise in human resource management and organisational behaviour have given him and edge and he has also completed his MBA . During his tenure in the army, he also spent a long time in France where he underwent training and on his return he imparted the same to his colleagues in India.

After his retirement, he has worked with organisations such as Ansals infrastructure, singa , etc and currently works with an NGO which is working towards the benefits of ex servicemen.

He has also designed modules and programs for many courses and has expertise in developing obstacle and endurance courses. Col Sharma has been an instructor and trainer in various academies and has delivered lectures and training programs to large groups of people including ones from the corporate world.


1. International Immersion Programmes


Global Exposure and Enhancement Program : Students gain exposure to best practices in other countries , greater cultural sensitivity and knowledge , increasing tolerance in their attitude and greater adaptability to try new things and to be confident about their efforts. The positive outcomes of international immersion programmes are increasingly being recognized by both students and by employers. it helps promote a cosmopolitan world view rated as an essential competency for future leaders in business. Other benefits include building connections and networks.

We through our associations facilitate MDP’s and international immersion programmes for corporate, students(school to post graduate) in countries like France , Canada , Germany ,USA , Switzerland , Ireland , China and Singapore and have worked out 7-10 days customized study tours. This study tour will not only distinct the participant and put him above the rest but would provide him with knowledge on the specific modules taught.

(B) India Immersion

We also conduct THE INDIA IMMERSSION PROGRAMME wherein the students of other countries would get to know about India, her people, her varied culture and vast business potential.

India is an important country and has excelled in the field of information technology manufacturing and entrepreneurship, and many companies are getting a multi –national status. We thus decided that we should try exposing the students to the excellence that the firms have achieved and about the business activity here

This program would give them a short but comprehensive exposure to the complex cultural fabric of the country and its fast pace of development and also a view to the areas that need more attention.


  • To be part of the pulsating economy of varied tradition.
  • To familiarize with the cultural and societal dynamics.
  • To understand the cross cultural issues.
  • To learn through interaction in a different social and cultural environment.
  • To cultivate networks for future.
  • To carry back plethora of memories and lifetime of experience

(C) Global Education

International education is an important avenue for students to gain employment competencies for international employment and we facilitate international education in various UG/PG courses in leading universities in France , Ireland , USA , Canada , UK etc.

(D) Skills Anytime

3S Educare Co through its association with UK based BKSP and its Indian arm skills anytime, markets an e-learning platform to improve the employability of learners by enhancing the functional English proficiency by incorporating the most futuristic online tools.

The platform features a unique process for assessing and identifying the specific English language skill gaps for each learner. It provides them with an " individual learning plan " which gives them access to a vast range of on-screen learning resources to help them improve their skills which can then be tracked and monitored within the system by coordinators.

2. Training : - At 3S Educare Co our training interventions are planned to give participants a distinct flavor of experiential learning/training and going beyond the classroom.

(A) Corporate Training

At 3S Educare Co we design and deliver training Programs and learning and development solutions for organizations across sectors , industries and geographies. Our training programs are centered around:

  • Key Account Management
  • Collaboration & Influencing Skills
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Selling and Negotiation skills
  • Communication & Presentation skills
  • Outbound Training Programs in our outdoor partner camps.
  • Cross Cultural skills.
(B) Institutional Training

Lectures , Xeroxing notes , tuitions , Exam stress , memorizing , sleepless nights , Anxiety attacks. These are the manifestation of Indian Education System. Suddenly after college , students are exposed into the world of job interviews and group discussion and expected to think creatively, think lateral etc, when all that they have learnt is-remember their text books . College curriculum needs to introduce subjects of practical importance to students at this level to prepare them better for the market place they will soon enter.

Our workshops would enable students to equip themselves with the skills and competencies needed to attain suitability parameters for their eligible careers. Our I’m’possible module especially designed and developed for academic institutes incorporates the module required to transform a student. Indicative modules are : leadership training to lead self,Campus to Corporate, rebranding self etc . Our endeavour is to provide significant learning which can be applied to improve the daily lives .

3. Consulting

With efficiency being the key differentiator between profitable and unprofitable businesses, education institutions have started to lay a huge emphasis on getting things done and getting them done in the right manner. With our experience of helping large number of organization set up and run systems and processes, we are uniquely poised to help organizations achieve operational and process efficiencies. We help organization create systems by first scientifically understanding the need and the outcomes desired by the systems. Our consultants then help clients create and run systems by not only implementing them but also building inherent human capacities to run these systems efficiently virtually unsupervised.

Some of our projects have been around maximizing process efficiencies and creating new systems to develop and achieve organizational goals. We have also helped clients set up international collaborations and tie ups which have resulted in large benefits to client organizations.


Discover the key to success and unlock your true potential
A Unique program aimed to give you a real feel of how the corporate world functions. This will involve real life Simulations based training, live corporate meetings and Interactions which will train the students as to how to work In real life corporate organizations. Simulations, Video feedback, Real life corporate interactions, Personal Career plan, Training for employability skills and fast track onboarding.


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